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We want to professionalise philosophy. All businesses are underpinned by theory. This might be an inherent belief in pragmatism, a trust in economic theory, or a theory of change. Theories are the starting point for experimentation with new revenue streams, and new iterations of the same product.


You'll ask questions like: why will this be useful for our clients / customers? How should we measure its success? How will we challenge ourselves to be better than our competitors? All these questions will need to be answered by a theory, and then you can use other methodological techniques to test them.


Using the philosophical method, you will become consistent and transparent about your theories and values. This leads to increased trust, better risk management and innovation. 


Innovation comes from new ways of thinking. And the philosophical method was designed to help you think creatively and differently about your tasks, beliefs and processes.


What do we think ‘ethics’ is?


Crucially, we associate ethics with the philosophical method. Simon Blackburn defines the ethical environment as “the surrounding climate of ideas about how to live”. We believe in pluralism, and so we believe there are multiple ethical frameworks and models which could work in society and in organisations. Our mission is to help you become consistent and transparent in expressing these values: through the work you do, the products you offer, and the way you describe yourselves.



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Who is Hattusia?

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