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The campus

A space to learn about tech ethics, acquire new skills, develop through independent study, and be supervised on your projects

Do you want to  to become an ethicist? The campus is a virtual space to learn technology ethics. Like many higher education institutions, we start with an introduction to the topic, these are our workshops. If you’d like to delve deeper into the topic, then we have seminars. These require some independent research and study, and you’ll receive feedback on your written work, and have the opportunity to discuss the topic with peers at a similar level.


After this you can choose to be supervised on a topic of your choice. Supervision is best suited to those who have already completed a workshop and a seminar, or who already have a Philosophy undergraduate degree.


The campus is designed to be as flexible as possible. Take the subjects which are of interest to you, to a level which suits your needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced ethicist, we have something for you

The courses

We currently offer the following programme of courses. We’re always looking to expand our portfolio – so if you’re interested in learning something, then get in touch.

Ethics by design - human rights and overview

Ethics of AI and algorithms

Privacy, democracy and technology

Coming soon... 

      - Webinar series on the philosophical method


Workshops are designed for complete beginners. You are not expected to do any preparation in advance of the workshop.


This does not mean that they are basic. You will come away with a lot of information and ideas to put into practice in your organisation.


They are two hours long. You will receive access to a Google Drive with resources, and the workshop will take place on Zoom. After the workshop you will receive one follow up email and one revision email a week later.


Each workshop has a corresponding seminar. This has a smaller group size, and is an opportunity to discuss ideas introduced in the workshop in greater depth.

After each workshop you'll be given a worksheet which directs your independent study and research. Combined with the reading lists, this is an ideal starting point to think about new concepts in philosophy and ethics, and apply them to your business and technologies.

Seminars have a maximum of 6 participants. You'll also get feedback on your independent research so you'll be able to develop your ideas further and get a much deeper understanding of the topic.

"Talking things through with Alice really elevated my ideas to a new level and I found it really valuable to hear her deconstruct and add weight to arguments."


After the seminar you can choose to write a 2,000 word essay on a title of your choice and receive peer supervision on the topic. We can either offer written feedback on your essay, or written feedback with a one-on-one. You can book as many supervisions as you like.

We also offer regular supervision through a special project. It may be inappropriate to outsource the work to a consultant, but you do still want help and support. You might be looking for someone to check your ideas, inspire routes for research, help with methodology and maybe produce documentation for review.

This can be as flexible as you like. Please contact us for more information.


Testimonial from Harriet Kingaby, Mozilla Fellow

  • I really valued Alice's candour, clarity of expression and her way of breaking down her ethics expertise so it's understandable and applicable.

  • The documentation she produced to help me has always been on point, clear and thought provoking. 

  • She came to my workshops, and added expertise, provoked deeper conversation and provided clarity when it was needed. 

  • Talking things through with Alice really elevated my ideas to a new level and I found it really valuable to hear her deconstruct and add weight to arguments.

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