Regularly meet other members of the tech ethics community to share stories, get feedback and advice on your projects, and learn how others have campaigned for funding within their organisation.


Caring about ethics in your organisation can be a lonely task. You're constantly fight to show that ethics matters, win budget for your work, educate yourself, become a change management professional and an activist and ALL whilst doing other jobs.

You are in great company - although you may feel alone - there are actually quite a few of us worldwide. It's about time we coordinated. Join this meet up to chat to other people who are doing the same job as you, exchange advice on how to manage tricky problems and situations, and have fun.

This meet up is open to everyone - whether you are an aspiring ethicist or an established one, and to those who work in all industries.


Join a meet up...

Our community meets (virtually) on the second Thursday of every month in the evening (European time). These events include a provocation, a Q&A, coordinated discussion topics and serendipitous networking.

Past and upcoming speakers


Each month we invite a speaker to present a provocation at the start of our meet up. Have a look through some of our previous and future guest speakers below:

Hattusia Meet Up Charlotte Webb.jpg

November 2021

Dr Charlotte Webb is co-founder of Feminist Internet, a collective of artists, researchers and activists aiming to disrupt inequalities in internet products, services, and systems by bringing together technology development, creative practice and feminism. She is Senior Lecturer at the Creative Computing Institute, London, where she created a Masters Degree in Internet Equalities, which explores how power relations are organized, embedded and perpetuated in internet technologies, and how they can be re-organized or challenged through critical, creative and activist practice. Charlotte was nominated by the Evening Standard as one of the most influential people in Technology and Science in London, 2018.

Hattusia Meet Up Jason Blackstock .jpg

October 2021

Jason Blackstock is the Founder & CEO of How to Change the World – a social enterprise spin-out from University College London that delivers experiential education programs based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with leading universities around the world. From 2013-2018 he was the Founding Head of UCL’s Department of Science, Technology Engineering and Public Policy, and he has previously taught, led research and provided policy advice from universities and think tanks including Harvard, Oxford, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

Hattusia Meet Up Dama Sathianathan.jpg

September 2021

Dama Sathianathan is a partner at Bethnal Green Ventures (BGV), Europe’s leading early-stage tech for good VC, backing ambitious founders using technology to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges at scale. At BGV, she leads on community and networks, driving BGV's efforts to act with integrity on diversity, equity and inclusion in helping founders from underrepresented backgrounds access capital and fuel the wider tech for good movement across the UK. Dama previously worked for international NGOs using digital and data for good and has a background in international relations and global development. She's also a Trustee at Chayn, a non-profit building open-source products and services for survivors of gender-based violence and domestic abuse.

Untitled design (70).jpg

July 2021

Alex Mecklenburg is the Co-founder of Consequential CIC, a social innovation practice specialising in responsible strategy, cultured change for creative and technology-enabled businesses. She is passionate about messy humans, collective human possibilities and responsible businesses. Alex believes that connections and relationships are the fuel that drives innovation and enables organisations to thrive. Leveraging her 20 years of experience in the creative industry, Alex now works at the intersection of creativity, technology and cultural change, She is a certified leadership coach and team facilitator, a member of the and the cofounder of Truth & Spectacle, a creative leadership lab. 


April 2021

Susie Alegre is an international human rights lawyer and writer, Associate at Doughty Street Chambers and a Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton working on digital rights, in particular the right to freedom of thought in the digital world. She has published widely in academic journals and international media and her work on freedom of thought was featured in the Radio 4 Documentary “Forum Internum.” She is currently working on a book on the topic for Atlantic Books.

unnamed (3).jpg

March 2021

Siddharth Venkataramakrishnan is the acting European tech correspondent at the Financial Times, where he covers policy and politics online - ranging from content moderation and extremism to data transfers and healthtech. Prior to joining the tech team, he was a leader writer at the FT and has also worked in consulting.


February 2021

Dr Kim Foale is a social science researcher and full-stack web developer, specialising in social impact projects and measurable social change. They are the founder of Geeks for Social Change.


January 2021


Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a Sudanese-Australian writer, broadcaster and award-winning social advocate with a background in mechanical engineering. One of the 2020 LinkedIn Changemakers, Yassmin is a globally sought-after advisor on issues of social justice, focused on the intersections of race, gender and faith. She has travelled to over 24 countries across five continents, speaking to governments, civil society and corporates on inclusive leadership, tackling bias and achieving substantive change.


November, 2020


Christine Jakobson is an ethics researcher and consultant. Christine is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge where her research is at the intersection of aesthetics, moral and political philosophy. She is also a senior ethics consultant at Principia Advisory where she advises clients across Silicon Valley, international banking and top-tier global professional services on culture, responsible innovation and ethical use.


September, 2020


Iyas AlQasem has led companies from a 2 man startup to a team of 500; with revenues from £0 to 9 figures; from plateaus to rapid growth; from implosion to turnaround; through acquiring and being acquired; and IPO to a high 8-figure trade-sale. Along the way, he set up a charity that's helped thousands of children in refugee camps, under occupation and in war zones.


August, 2020


Katrin Fritsch is a data and society researcher and writer. She is co-founder of MOTIF Institute for Digital Culture, an independent think tank that operates at the intersection of technology and society. Katrin holds a MSc in Data & Society of the London School of Economics and Political Science and was placed on Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 list.


July, 2020


Alix Dunn is the founder of Computer Says Maybe, a firm supporting design and deployment of digital tools in complex systems. She founded The Engine Room, a distributed team that supports activists around the world to leverage technology and data in strategic and mission-aligned ways.

Check out our write ups from our community events

December 2021

Anouk Ruhaak is a Senior Fellow with the Mozilla Foundation. She designs and implements data governance models that help us share the benefits of data more widely, while shifting agency from data collector to those the data is about. Anouk has a background in data journalism, political economics and software development, and founded several communities in the tech space.