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Regularly meet other members of the tech ethics community to share case studies, get feedback and advice on your projects, and learn how others have campaigned for funding within their organisation.

Caring about ethics in your organisation can be a lonely task. You're constantly fight to show that ethics matters, win budget for your work, educate yourself, become a change management professional and an activist and ALL whilst doing other jobs.

You are in great company - although you may feel alone - there are actually quite a few of us worldwide. It's about time we coordinated. Join this meet up to chat to other people who are doing the same job as you, exchange advice on how to manage tricky problems and situations, and have fun.

This meet up is open to everyone - whether you are an aspiring ethicist or an established one, and to those who work in all industries.

At the moment the community meets (virtually) on the second Thursday of every month in the evening (European time). These events include a provocation, a Q&A, coordinated discussion topics and serendipitous networking.

Details on speakers & topics for past and future meet ups can be found here.

Buy tickets

All payments are processed through the secure platform: Eventbrite. Please give the widget a few seconds to load.

If you have any other ideas about how we could support you, then please let us know.  We have plans to expand the community to pool knowledge and provide face to face conferences. 

Please note - we pay our speakers and an event coordinator.

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