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The Hattusia Ethics ROI Calculator

This calculator measures how much value a responsible business team, which has real power over the future of your products, can generate from a financial perspective.

Hattusia built this calculator in conjunction with our report on how to get budget and buy-in for tech ethics.


Both the report and this calculator are a great place to start if you want to persuade other stakeholders of the positive impact ethics can have on business. We hope the Hattusia Ethics ROI Calculator plays a valuable part in building your case for tech ethics. But please be aware that it shouldn’t play the only part. You must paint a holistic picture about why ethics is vital for modern business.

Please remember - ethics is valuable because human lives are valuable. The calculator is a tool for translation to help you justify budget for ethics.

Tell me about your approach?

This particular calculator examines profit and loss relating to a specific product. Thus, we look at market size, market share, and the research and development costs. 


And tell me about the ethical concern scale?

The very high/high/medium scale determines how much more risky it is to build your product without keeping ethics in mind. So, a product that calls for high ethical concern (because it uses facial recognition, for example), is riskier than one with medium ethical concerns. 

Products /technologies with...

  • Very high ethical concern: facial recognition, adtech, self-driving cars, recruitment tools that rely heavily on AI

  • High ethical concern: fintech, health & wellbeing apps (such as period or mood trackers, anything that collects health data

  • Medium ethical concern: productivity apps, collaborative tools

This simple calculator only makes approximate calculations. For something more comprehensive, we put together an excel spreadsheet which is also free to use. This will allow you to change the percentages behind our three point scale, and also identifies an area of innovation and three areas of risk: regulation, reputation, and compliance. 

When you download the calculator you can see much more detail, and indeed, easily create your own bespoke scenarios which is more relevant to your product. (N.B. The download button is hidden on mobile devices).

“The Hattusia ethics ROI calculator” (c) by Alice Thwaite, James Curtis, Hattusia and Pivvot.

“The Hattusia ethics ROI calculator” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Copy by Georgia Iacovou. Inspiration from Will Griffin.

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