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Tech ethics for business

A campus, a community and a consultancy

Tech and technology companies have changed society beyond recognition. And if we’re honest, not all of these changes have been good.

We currently face multiple crises - including democratic breakdown, inequality and health pandemics .


This is not an accident.

Humans have designed the system that enables this suffering. We can’t just hope for a better future. We have to act to change it.


Whether through hunger, slavery or environmental disaster, we risk millions of lives if we don’t embed ethical strategies into powerful organisations that influence our lives every day.

If you want to act, you're in the right place. 

Hattusia provides an online campus to teach ethical strategy,  a community to support you, and a consultancy to help with your ethical work.


Live workshops, seminars and supervisions | Hosted virtually on Zoom | Small group sizes | Reading lists | Easily put what you've learned into practice at work

Introduction to tech ethics -ethics by design 

Introduction to technology ethics workshop, seminar and supervision

Ethics of AI and algorithms

Ethics of AI and algorithms workshop, seminar and supervision | Image: Magritte The False Mirror

Privacy, democracy and technology

Privacy, democracy and technology workshop
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It can feel very lonely as a solitary ethicist. But there are many of us. 


We run monthly meet ups so you can get support from our community. Whether you're looking to discuss a problem with ethical frameworks, or guidanace about how to win more budget for ethics, you'll be in good company.



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