What we've been reading - w/c 11th July

Each week, Alice puts together a round-up of interesting articles from the world of technology ethics. We post these on our social channels as well as sharing them on our blog.

Here’s her pick from w/c 11th July:

👉New report from Deloitte: Ethical technology in the workforce


Their guide follows much of what we’ve been saying about ethics; ethics is a shared responsibility between all employees that nevertheless, requires roles which are only focused on ethics; it is important to give all employees the language and skills to debate ethics and ethics is a journey, not a policy.

Read more from deloitte.com here

July 2022 - 1

👉Big Tech vs Big State


Many in the ethics community have shared articles about Twitter pushing back against Indian authorities when it comes to content moderation. Modi’s government has asked the Silicon Valley based company to take down content relating to protests and other issues. Who should be responsible for democracy?

Read more from qz.com here

July 2022 - 2

👉How a Brazilian food delivery app undermines worker’s labour organising efforts


Originally published in Agência Pública, a non-profit investigative news agency in São Paulo, Brazil, this article shows that it’s not just Silicon Valley based tech giants which causes harm to their workers.

Read more from codastory.com here

July 2022 - 3

👉Irish Data Protection Commission pushes back against Meta sending data to the US


The outcome could lead to to Meta being shut down in Europe this summer. But why has Meta been sending European data to the US for so long?

Read more from politico.eu here

July 2022 - 4

👉Biotech leaders calling for innovation in ethics


"The biggest challenge ML and AI face now is ethics."

Read more from technologyreview.com here

July 2022 - 5

👉Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals


“A leaked trove of confidential files has revealed the inside story of how the tech giant Uber flouted laws, duped police, exploited violence against drivers and secretly lobbied governments during its aggressive global expansion.”

Read more from theguardian.com here

July 2022 - 6

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