What we've been reading - w/c 12th September

Each week, Alice puts together a round-up of interesting articles from the world of technology ethics. We post these on our social channels as well as sharing them on our blog.

Here’s her pick from w/c 12th September:

👉Liz Truss set to dilute online safety bill over free-speech concerns


“Definition of ‘legal but harmful’ may change to give greater scope to say on web what is acceptable in person”

Read more from ft.com here

September 2022 - 1

👉The sex of the researcher can influence results of mouse experiments


Bias affects a lot of knowledge production. Given (rightly or wrongly) so much of our medical research comes from animal testing - and these results are codified in AI and algorithms for decision-making - these kinds of discoveries are important.

Read more from newscientist.com here

September 2022 - 2

👉Do ESG criteria lead to ‘good’ investments?


The debate over the efficiency of ESG criteria continues as environmentally and socially conscious investors try and change markets and commercial exploitation of people & planet.

Read more from tortoisemedia.com here

September 2022 - 3

👉How Cloudflare got Kiwi Farms Wrong


“In general we should resist calls for infrastructure providers to intervene on matters of content moderation. But when those companies provide services that aid in real-world violence, they can’t turn a blind eye until the last possible moment. Instead, they should recognize groups that organize harassment campaigns much earlier, and use their leverage to prevent the loss of life that will now forever be linked to Kiwi Farms and the tech stack upon which it sat.”

Read more from theverge.com here

September 2022 - 4

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