What we've been reading - w/c 15th August

Each week, Alice puts together a round-up of interesting articles from the world of technology ethics. We post these on our social channels as well as sharing them on our blog.

Here’s her pick from w/c 15th August:

👉Amazon’s Roomba Deal Is Really About Mapping Your Home


“Slightly more terrifying, the maps also represent a wealth of data for marketers. The size of your house is a pretty good proxy for your wealth. A floor covered in toys means you likely have kids. A household without much furniture is a household to which you can try to sell more furniture. This is all useful intel for a company such as Amazon which, you may have noticed, is in the business of selling stuff.”

Read more from bloomberg.com here

August 2022 - 1

👉This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion


“A 17-year-old girl and her mother have been charged with a series of felonies and misdemeanors after an apparent medication abortion at home in Nebraska. The state’s case relies on evidence from the teenager’s private Facebook messages, obtained directly from Facebook by court order, which show the mother and daughter allegedly bought medication to induce abortion online, and then disposed of the body of the fetus.”

Read more from vice.com here

August 2022 - 2

👉Meta injecting code into websites to track its users, research says


“The Instagram app injects their tracking code into every website shown, including when clicking on ads, enabling them [to] monitor all user interactions, like every button and link tapped, text selections, screenshots, as well as any form inputs, like passwords, addresses and credit card numbers,” says Felix Krause , a privacy researcher who founded an app development tool acquired by Google in 2017.

Read more from theguardian.com here

August 2022 - 3

👉'Ring Nation' Is Amazon's Reality Show for Our Surveillance Dystopia


“Amazon has done a lot of work to turn the U.S. into a Ring nation off-camera. Ring’s surveillance cameras and surveillance network have been aggressively rolled out by Amazon mainly by cultivating fear in suburbs about crime, and by entering partnerships with police departments to give them unfettered access to surveillance footage. Last year, advocacy groups pushed for Amazon’s Ring to be banned entirely by the Federal Trade Commission over concerns its facial surveillance technology could fuel criminalization of Black and brown people in public spaces.

Read more from vice.com here

August 2022 - 4

👉A year on, Afghans hide out fearing death by data


“Sadaf didn't know it then but this was the start of exile within her own country, a life of lying low to avoid death by data. Like thousands of Afghans, she has spent the past year hiding out in a series of safe houses, hoping to evade her digital trail and prevent the Taliban tracking her family.”

Read more from news.trust.org here

August 2022 - 5

👉Robert Sansone’s research could pave the way for the sustainable manufacturing of electric vehicles that do not require rare-earth magnets


Robert Sansone’s research could pave the way for the sustainable manufacturing of electric vehicles that do not require rare-earth magnets

Read more from smithsonianmag.com here

August 2022 - 6

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