What we've been reading - w/c 26th September

Each week, Alice puts together a round-up of interesting articles from the world of technology ethics. We post these on our social channels as well as sharing them on our blog.

Here’s her pick from w/c 26th September:

👉Two countries approaches to content moderation



Read more from nytimes.com here

Read more from tortoisemedia.com here

September 2022 - 1

👉YT’s recommender algorithm shares videos users told the platform they do not want to see


“People had been exposed to misinformation, developed unhealthy body images, and became trapped in bizarre rabbit holes.”

Read more from foundation.mozilla.org here

September 2022 - 2

👉Patients immersed in virtual reality during surgery may need less anesthetic


“Minimizing the use of sedatives during operations could shorten hospital stays and reduce the risk of complications.”

Read more from technologyreview.com here

September 2022 - 3

👉Europe edges closer to a ban on facial recognition


“Efforts to outlaw the use of AI cameras to scan and identify people’s faces in public spaces are gaining traction.”

Read more from politico.eu.com here

September 2022 - 4

If you think we should be reading anything else please email hello@hattusia.com, and finally, thank you for reading, Sophie Ryan.

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