Privacy, Democracy and Technology Workshop
  • Privacy, Democracy and Technology Workshop

    What does it mean to design a 'democratic' technology?

    Western democracies are under new pressures from digital technologies. Whereas before, the internet was seen as an exciting new platform to increase political engagement, encourage the participation of previously underrepresented groups, and improve innovation, now we understand that new forms of communication have created new arenas of power.

    This workshop will focus on the way that technology is changing democracy and the theories of privacy.


    Key takeaways

    • Introduction to theories of democracy

    • An understanding of the democratic process, and how different technologies can impede or augment democratic institutions

    • A conceptual definition of privacy, and an understanding of why privacy is so important for humanity.

    This will be a live workshop with up to 20 people, facilitated by Alice Thwaite. The workshop will take place on Zoom. Links will be mailed to you before the workshop start time.

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    • Level

      This workshop is designed to be suitable for all levels. 

    • Length

      2.5 hours