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We like to tailor our workshops to your organisation so you get an experience that best fits your needs.
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Agile Coach

“Truly inspiring! The workshops have a great added value that each company should be aware of. If you are doubtful on how to implement Ethics into your work, you should definitively take these workshops.”



Data Scientist

"Alice is a very effective guide - she will help you think about analytics in ways that many people in the business world are not incentivized to think about. As a data scientist, her workshop has let me view my own work in a much more thoughtful manner. I highly recommend it for any data scientist/engineer!"


Charlotte Webb

Co-Founder, Feminist Internet

“Alice is a highly compelling facilitator, with a sharp mind and a commanding presence. She enabled all the workshop participants to understand the benefits of grounding their work in a human rights framework, and gave us practical tools to implement more ethical behaviours in our day to day work. I’d recommend Hattusia’s workshops to anyone that wants to improve impact and productivity”



Senior AI and Data

Policy Manager, Visa

“Alice's workshop is fantastic! She makes complex concepts extremely accessible, engages with the participants and tweaks content/flow as needed. It also is a catalyst for a wonderful community of folks interested in tech ethics. I loved it!”


Ben Strak

UX Lead

“Alice is a great facilitator and helped us make connections between broad ethical questions and the moments that these emerge in everyday practice. I came out of the workshop energised to apply what we had learned about in my everyday UX Design work at a startup. I would recommend them particularly for designers seeking practical ways to stimulate a proper conversation about ethics in their workplace.”

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